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In 2007, I finally bought the SUV that was right for me, the Toyota FJ Cruiser. I didn’t have lot of money to modify it like other owners but I took it off-road just the same. For the first time, I was in a vehicle that satisfied my craving for adventure. As an avid photographer, I took pictures wherever my 4×4 would take me. Years later, I find myself with a few thousand photos and hours of videos that have never been shared until now. FJ Gear was created as an outlet to finally share my adventure photos and videos.

A few years ago, we added another 4×4 to the stable, one 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s not in perfect working order but it’s still a beauty. I get random offers for the truck when I’m out and about with it. FJ Gear is the perfect place for me to share the FJ60’s development. I know eventually it will be where I want it to be.

In addition to my hobbies of photography and off-roading, I happen to screen-print t-shirts on the side. Stay tuned for upcoming FJ Gear merchandise that you will find nowhere else on the Internet.

Thanks for checking out FJ Gear!


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For Toyota Land Cruiser/FJ Cruiser fanatics! I have tons of original photos and videos to share!